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22,88 EUR*
Details Voices of Truth: Conversations with Scientists, Thinkers and Healers (Conversations with Scientists, Thinkers & Healers)

Voices of Truth This book is a compliation of interviews with 14 of today's most committed, passionate and well-known scientists, thinkers and healers. Full description

14,13 EUR*
Details Real Scientists, Real Faith

Real Scientists, Real Faith The science / faith debate rages on. Richard Dawkins and others yield to the temptation to imply that their opponents are men of straw. Yet many leading scientists have an active Christian faith. Here 18 scientists, all ...

28,53 EUR*
Details American Women Scientists: 23 Inspiring Biographies, 1900-2000

American Women Scientists For most of the 20th century, American women had little encouragement to become scientists. In 1906, there were only 75 female scientists employed by academic institutions in the entire country. Despite considerable barriers ...

200,12 EUR*
Details Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists

Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists Focuses on the achievements of 2400 scientists, explaining the nature and importance of those achievements. This work covers traditional science and the social sciences. It features pronunciation guidelines ...

38,81 EUR*
Details Physics for Engineers and Scientists

Physics for Engineers and Scientists Provides students, practicing engineers, and scientists with the complete physical laws from classical mechanics to the quanta optics and semiconductor physics. This book emphasizes only the level of mathematics ...

4,49 EUR*
Details The Not-Quite World Famous Scientist (First Flight: Level 4)

The Not-Quite World Famous Scientist Even the most observant scientist can botch up a theory or two Alexandra Bointon dreams about becoming a scientist. When her school has their annual science fair, she always pairs up with her best friend, who is ...

38,25 EUR*
Details Black Women Scientists in the United States (Race, Gender, and Science)

Black Women Scientists in the United States Examines the life and work of Black women scientists. Full description

13,90 EUR*
Details Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact

Hitler's Scientists In a rich and fascinating history John Cornwell tells the epic story of Germany's scientists from the First World War to the collapse of Hitler's Reich. Full description

80,03 EUR*
Details Alexis de Tocqueville, the First Social Scientist

[{ Alexis de Tocqueville, the First Social Scientist By Elster, Jon ( Author ) Apr - 01- 2009 ( Hardcover ) } ]

246,99 EUR*
Details Principles of Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

"Principles of Statistics for Engineers and Scientists" offers the same crystal clear presentation of applied statistics as Bill Navidi's "Statistics for Engineers and Scientists" text, in a manner especially designed for the needs of a one-semester ...

19,88 EUR*
Details Letters to a Young Scientist

Letters to a Young Scientist Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson imparts the wisdom of his storied career to the next generation. Full description

11,75 EUR*
Details Famous Scientists Mug

Famous Scientists in der Geschichte portraits Tasse-Bilder auf einer Seite und auf die Einzelheiten der sie andere aus China. mit Bild, das von Newton Pasteur, Archimedes, Marie Curie, Motiv "Einstein, Darwin, Nobel und Fleming. Höhe 9 cm, Durchmesser ...

7,66 EUR*
Details Jane Goodall: Animal Scientist (Graphic Library: Graphic Biographies)

Jane Goodall In graphic novel format, tell the life story of animal scientist Jane Goodall. Full description

32,37 EUR*
Details Cosmos, Bios, Theos: Scientists Reflect on Science, God, and the Origins of the Universe, Life, and Homo Sapiens: Scientists Reflect on Science, ... of the Universe, Life and "Homo Sapiens"

Cosmos, Bios, Theos A portfolio of opinions and arguments from 60 scientists, including 24 Nobel Prize winners, on the relationship between the scientific enterprise and the religious view of reality. Full description

65,47 EUR*
Details Forced Migration and Scientific Change: Emigré German-Speaking Scientists and Scholars after 1933: Emigre German-Speaking Scientists and Scholars ... of the German Historical Institute)

Forced Migration and Scientific Change Examines the impact on the scienctific world of the forced exodus of Jewish intellectuals from Nazi Germany. Full description

17,11 EUR*
Details The Scientists: A Family Romance

The Scientists A beautifully written and haunting debut memoir about the impact of a father's premature death from AIDS and the lie that was told to his family about how he contracted it. Full description

38,09 EUR*
Details Airfix A20005 Modellbausatz Flugzeugturbine - Young Scientist

Airfix A20005 Modellbausatz Flugzeugturbine - Young Scientist - Educational construction kit - Moving parts; Batteries requires 4x C (1.5V) - Skill level: 2 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller) - Dimensions: length ...

74,99 EUR*
Details Well Logging for Earth Scientists

Well Logging for Earth Scientists Twenty years ago this book demystified well log analysis for students, researchers and practitioners. In the two decades since, the industry has changed enormously. The updated 2nd Edition reviews new technology in ...

129,28 EUR*
Details Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists

Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists Using appropriate engineering and scientific examples, this book covers the features of C++ needed for writing engineering programs, including many features of object-oriented programming. Providing the key ...

7,28 EUR*
Details Lessons in Science Safety with Max Axiom, Super Scientist (Graphic Library: Graphic Science)

Lessons in Science Safety with Max Axiom, Super Scientist You never had a science teacher like this! Max Axiom is a super-cool super-scientist who demonstrates and explains science in ways never before seen in the classroom. Whether shrinking down to ...